Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Well, which is it? Good or evil? Do you look at the black letters or the white ones? This week's devotional was about perspective, and we've all got one - OUR OWN - thank you very much! Our perspectives are ingrained from birth and pretty hard to see beyond. And yet that's what we're called to do as servants of Jesus Christ. In order to offer grace (undeserved favor), we must be able to see the other person's perspective, to give the benefit of the doubt, to admit we may not see things exactly as they are.

I had to make a really hard decision this week. I looked at it one way. Then I turned it over and examined another aspect of it. I mulled that silly decision over a thousand times in my mind. By the time I tried to look at all the "perspectives," it had more facets than the Hope Diamond! Finally, I decided to hold it up to the Light of God's Word. I read the Bible until His perspective came to light - because that's the one that really counts.

Now, I felt led to read in Hosea. That may not be a passage God leads you to read. I had to read 6 chapters before I saw God's perspective (hopefully, you're a quicker study). But I think God likes stubbornness. Perhaps "persistence" is the more politically correct term, but it all comes down to this. Do you believe God can show you His perspective if you sit there long enough - either in prayer or reading your Bible? Try it. I dare you. More than that, He beckons you. Find His perspective on whatever is troubling you today.

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