Monday, February 25, 2008

Did The Fingernail Polish Come Out?

Okay, you're all wondering - did the red fingernail polish come out of the wedding dress. Right? Well, most of it. We really did have to use white-out from the pastor's desk to hide what the acetone couldn't remove. I sat on the back pew during the ceremony and hid my face as she walked down the aisle. She didn't speak to me the rest of the night, and I left the reception in tears. I've seen her at our last three high school reunions, and we've chatted like nothing ever happened...neither of us has ever mentioned the fingernail polish incident! And BTW - the dress to the right is made of toilet paper. Thanks to (I think it was my friend) Marsha Baker for sending me pix of wedding dresses made completely of TP! ha!

Monday, February 18, 2008


For those of you wondering - we were supposed to do a devotional covering Luke 22:63-65 today, but I saved the file incorrectly, so I thought "Said It Before" was the devotional to send out today. I'm just believing that the Lord knew someone needed "Said It Before" today. I'll send the devotional for vs. 63-65 next week. Blessings ya'll!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Blogger Buddy Bouzer

Let me introduce you to my best bud, Bouzer. He's one of those perfect canines, the ones that don't have accidents on the floors, never chew on things, always mind and just soak up love like it's goin' outta style. Yep, he's my perfect little red-headed boy. Actually, he is perfect most days, and on the days when he really does act like an ornery little red-headed boy (keep in mind I've lived with an over-grown red-headed boy for 23 years, so I know what they're like), a little extra love just makes the orneries go away. (That works on human red-headed boys as well.)
Bouzer was my Christmas gift this year from my family. We had a sheltie for twelve years, and when she died over a year ago, I missed her terribly. But with our move, we decided a dog would have to wait - and I'm so glad we did. God knew Bouzer would need us. We found him at a rescue shelter in Portland on Christmas Eve day. He's a year old, Rottweiler mix, and he was just waiting to be loved. His cushy bed is portable, so he can be wherever I am - just like my coffee warmer. Whether by my place on the couch as I read my Bible or at my desk while I write, Bouzer is there. All he asks is a little attention now and then...and now and then...and now and then.... And what I get is his presence.
Yep, that presence. That's what I missed when our sheltie died. The presence of someone else at my side as I went through my day. Not only did I lose my dog, two days later our youngest daughter went to college - and empty nest took on a whole new meaning! Before that, I knew the Lord was "with me," but I got to really put it into practice during those lonely days.
Now, we're in Vancouver, and our older daughter has moved back in, my father-in-law is here for an extended visit, plus I have a new 4-legged friend. When it rains, it pours! Lots of company, and I'm happy for it! Plus - and most importantly - I have an almost constant awareness of the most important Presence in my life. Oh, how good is our God and how unfathomable are His ways.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Looking Forward To Mt. Hermon

I'm really excited about the upcoming writers' conference at Mt. Hermon, CA 0n March 14-18. I'll pitch my first biblical fiction proposal - yep, believe it or not a novel - called, Sacred Love, Holy Passion, based on the Song of Solomon. Some of you may have heard the retreat topic, Sacred Love, Sacred Dance - it will be largely the same story but with more detail and an expanded plot. I pray a publisher will contract a companion Bible study as well to address the applications of Scripture in the book. I would so appreciate your prayers, and I'm sure my family would also appreciate your prayers - as they will be eating bologna sandwiches until my preparations for the conference are complete!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

A Look At Luke This Morning...

So what are your thoughts on this morning's Luke passage in the Good a.m. Lord devotional? Here are a few guidelines to keep us focused on Jesus as we share:

  1. Let every word be uplifting or beneficial to those who would read it.
  2. Refrain from criticizing the church as a whole or others in particular.
  3. Focus on the changes and challenges God is speaking into YOUR life...

To comment, just click "# Comments" next to the time element. That will take you to a separate screen where you will be able to add your comments to those already presented. When you're finished, you can either sign in or include your name in the comment window and click anonymous. Then click "publish your comment." Cool, huh? It will be fun to hear what God is doing in other people's lives through the living Spirit of His Word. I can't wait to hear your comments!