Sunday, February 03, 2008

A Look At Luke This Morning...

So what are your thoughts on this morning's Luke passage in the Good a.m. Lord devotional? Here are a few guidelines to keep us focused on Jesus as we share:

  1. Let every word be uplifting or beneficial to those who would read it.
  2. Refrain from criticizing the church as a whole or others in particular.
  3. Focus on the changes and challenges God is speaking into YOUR life...

To comment, just click "# Comments" next to the time element. That will take you to a separate screen where you will be able to add your comments to those already presented. When you're finished, you can either sign in or include your name in the comment window and click anonymous. Then click "publish your comment." Cool, huh? It will be fun to hear what God is doing in other people's lives through the living Spirit of His Word. I can't wait to hear your comments!

1 comment:

NanaBaker said...

Oh Honey - you 'nailed me' right between the eyes! =) This True Comfort devotional is one I need to reread often - having the gift of encouragement, I want to ride in on my white horse much too often - to save my family or someone else dear - all the while, God is at work, teaching all of us to walk in His ways, and trust Him for the outcome! Thank you for bringing those thoughts to the forefront of my mind today! You are wonderful - keep up the GREAT work!! XO