Wednesday, June 02, 2010


My husband and I attended church with my mom last Sunday, and the King's Way congregation has started a fabulous campaign! It's called a 40-day Negativity Fast! For 40 days they're seeking to cut out ALL negativity from their thoughts, words and attitudes. We observed that families are seemingly the most successful at this project - since the children are most ready to tattle on parents who snack on negative attitudes and words. However, everyone in attendance reported the single most positive effect of this fast was the AWARENESS that had been awakened in their everyday lives to the negativity that consumes their thought-diet.

I had to think back on Roy's and my journey from Vancouver, WA to our childhood home in Indiana. We traveled somewhere around 2,500 miles in about 4 days and were exposed to many different terrains and weather phenomenons. We drove through mountains, hills and plains. Saw waterfalls, rivers, streams and deserts. We experienced rain, hail, blistering heat and humidity and even drove through a blizzard in Utah. I must admit - we were not fasting from negativity on our journey eastward. But still our God was faithful, and He brought us safely to our destinations - all of them. We've already visited with some friends and family, but mostly we've spent some very important days with our daughters - one of whom will be married in 3 days.

In these few days, minutes, hours leading up to one of the most important days of our daughter's life, I'm reminded again of the negativity fast. So much tension could derail this special day. So many details could rob us of the joy of this occasion. We are praying, trusting, seeking the high road - one traveled through all kinds of weather and terrain, but one free of negativity. And it will be by God's hand alone that we will arrive at our destination - not minus a daughter, but adding a son-in-love. We covet your prayers as the day approaches, and we'll be posting a picture or two to share our joy.

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The Better Baker said...

What an awesome idea! One we all need to consider 'fasting' from huh? God doesn't 'waste' anything, and I'm sure He used that church's campaign to reach out to many hearts, outside of the congregation! Thanks bunches for sharing! Love & Miss you Girlfriend!! XO