Monday, March 03, 2008


My little girls always loved to sit on the kitchen counter when food was being prepared. In fact, when they visit Grandma Cooley, you can still find them sitting on the counter when she fixes "big breakfast" for us.

And like a two-year-old, I often find myself chattering away at times when silence would be a much better response. I'm trying to learn the art of silence, of praying before words come out of my mouth in a volatile situation. It's a hard lesson - an ongoing skill to be honed. Lord, give me Your gift of silence in daily life and in prayer.

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Anonymous said...

I'm right beside you Dearie, in this trying to maintain a quiet spirit...ARGH!!! MUCH easier said than done! How wonderful we can lift each other in prayer in this issue - and many other 'dailies' as well. God bless you richly with sweet surprises in the days ahead.