Friday, May 02, 2008

Mother's Day Bible Verses

Hi all!

Hey, I just found a fun website, Associated Content, that announces certain topics to write on that you can then claim and submit an article. If the powers that be decide they like it enough to post online, it's published on their news e-zine. Cool, huh? Some articles are paid a flat rate, some on the number of times it's viewed, some are purely a charity case!

Here's my first submission. It was a fun, quick list of 10 Bible verses to list on a card or letter for Mother's Day encouragement.

You should be able to just click on the link below, but if you can't get there that way, here's another way.... Highlight the address, and copy it by pressing the "ctrl" and "C" keys at the same time. Then click in the line at the top of your web browser and paste the address by pressing "ctrl" and "V" at the same time. Then press enter, and you should get there!

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NanaBaker said...

What a cool setup. I love the list of verses, as I'm always looking for that sort of thing. Thanks much and God bless you Dear! XO